A Little Lift for Postpartum Living

welcome May 4, 2008

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This started as a brief email to 4 or 5 friends who happen to be expecting babies at the same time. Nursing Maddie, who is about to turn 9 months, my mind was churning with things I wish I had known when Zach (going on three years) was born. Some facts and tips, but even more, a glimpse of the complicated feelings I had about so many things.

So I started writing them an email, and it turned into this site. I passed it to them, and then to a few more people, and maybe one of them past it to you.

This is all real stuff, and not all of it is pretty. I don’t mean to worry you unnecessarily, but rather to say, there are some hard things ahead, but fear not! You are not alone, most of us who have walked this road will have felt similarly to you about many of these things, and most of the extreme highs and lows pass with no lasting damage.

Ignore or indulge as it suits you….written with love, hindsight, imagination and occasional embellishment. As the answering machine at your OB’s says…if this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911. If not, pour a cuppa Smooth Move Tea and enjoy.

If you are doing a little reading before the baby is born, may I direct your attention toward breastfeeding, bottom care, and sleep.

“Here you are, alive. Would you you like to make a comment? This…is my comment.”Mary Oliver